He was for certain a son.

Perhaps a father, brother, cousin, nephew, husband, co-worker, boyfriend, best friend, or complete stranger.

He was in his 40s with no underlying health conditions. COVID just done did him in.

We have had this talk before, but I'm here again to confess that this case bothers me more than it should.  One hundred thirty nine individuals have "left" us since the pandemic began.  But the vast majority of the deceased have been over 80 with underlying conditions. I don't even really see them anymore when I read the daily COVID numbers report.  Oh, just another individual in their 80s or 90s with underlying conditions. My dad is 83 with underlying conditions.  I should be ashamed, but this pandemic has many of us compassionately conflicted.

So can we do anything other that wash or hands to protect ourselves and our loved ones?  Well in the 2019-2020 flu season, the state saw only twenty one people dying from the flu. That number seems pretty small compared to COVID-19s which has so far claimed 139 individuals in a much shorter time span.

But, the big knocker is still pneumonia claiming 405 lives in the 2019-2020 cold/flu season.  So let's blame pneumonia!  You can find yourself developing pneumonia from many different sources.  The flu itself has a somewhat low mortality rate but it is very contagious and often leads to pneumonia- the big knocker with the big death toll.

So how can we avoid the flu?  Well just like you are now- stay away from sick people, wash your hands, and...

maybe get vaccinated.

WHAT?  That's crazy talk I know.

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