Generally, I'd have a lot of fun here with Bismarck's streets having names like Astronaut Drive, Nova Drive, Jupiter Drive, Mercury Drive..y'know space-race right?

I'm sure you can come up with a few funny little themes in your own neighborhoods.

Well, the naming protocol for the newly developing East Bismarck community "Clear Sky Additions" is a great one.  They will be naming the 14 streets planned for their addition after 14 of North Dakota's Fallen Soldiers.

Friday, there was a fantastic event that took place in the brand new Clear Sky Addition east of Bismarck.  North Dakota National Guard Major General Alan Dorhrman was there.  Senator Kevin Cramer was also in attendance. The event was hosted by Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken. Family members of the departed were also there. All the honorees were in attendance in memory. They are 14 of North Dakota's bravest- citizen-soldiers who lost their lives in the Global War on Terror. Fourteen North Dakota National Guard members who fought and served for us and paid the greatest price.

It's a small tribute for a great sacrifice.  But, I applaud the Clear Sky planners. Images and stories of our fallen heroes nationwide can be found at the Honor The Fallen homepage.

The Heroes of Clear Sky.

There will be an on-site Memorial erected for the fallen and a "Heroes Park" will be created in the area.  They expect the addition and the park will be completed in 3 years.

I't's a great concept that future developers should consider...there's room for this tribute in every North Dakota city.

A Short History Of The Red And The Blue


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