The Internet went sent into a frenzy today when it was announced that Carson Wentz would miss the rest of the 2017 NFL season after suffering a torn ACL.

Last night, after the Philadelphia Eagles had beaten the Los Angeles Rams, 43-35, in a win that secured the NFC East Division Title for the Eagles, but also saw their quarterback from Bismarck suffer what was feared as a torn left ACL, Wentz tweeted out:

The quarterback likely knew what was coming with the results of his MRI revealed today that it was, in fact, an ACL tear that would end Wentz's season. Shortly after the results went public, there were many that took to Twitter to show their support for Eagles quarterback.

As you can see, many sent their best wishes and prayers to Carson Wentz. The Eagles quarterback threw his fourth and final touchdown of the game shortly after the play in which he suffered the injury, which was also a record-setting touchdown for the Eagles franchise with 33 passing touchdowns from a quarterback. We wish the young quarterback a speedy and successful recovery and we hope he comes back stronger than ever.

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