The North Dakota Lottery, ya can't win if you don't play!

I can't win.

I don't play the lottery.  Not because I have ethical issues with gambling. Heck no!  I spent years and years working for charitable gaming organizations. I just don't like the odds.  I've probably bought a total of $20 in lottery tickets since they became available. My Brenda plays occasionally.  She really likes the scratch cards cuz they're fun to play. But they don't sell them in North Dakota so she will buy them in Minnesota or South Dakota, and if she wins, she'll send them back with someone she knows that's heading to one of those states and then use the winnings to buy...more scratch cards!  Circle of life y'all.

Many casual lottery players only really start buying hot and heavy when that Powerball amount climbs over $300 million. Of course the more people play the less and less your odds of winning become. I'd suggest instead of throwing your money at the hope of hundreds of millions, you spread it out over time and hope for a hundred thousand dollars!  Your odds are way better, but honestly still pretty lousy.  But that's what dreams are made of...dreams that came true for these two.

From the Bismarck Tribune..

 A Gardner resident on Monday claimed a $100,000 prize from the Dec. 19 draw. The winner opted for a quick pick ticket and made the purchase at Holiday Station in West Fargo.

 The Dec. 23 draw made a $150,000 winner out of a Petersburg player, who claimed the prize Tuesday. The $50,000 prize for matching four of five numbers was tripled because the player bought the Power Play option. The ticket was purchased at Hamster Oil in Michigan.

Both winners chose to remain anonymous. The ticket sales earned each retailer a $2,000 bonus.

I would definitely remain anonymous (can you be anonymous in Gardner?).  It would be no secret to those closest to me as I'd be doing the happy dance for days. Note for the record- if you ARE going to play, go big or go home. That Power Play option turned 50 grand into 150 grand.

Maybe I just should buy myself one of those lottery tickets. (I won't)

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