So The Fourth of July is upon us and when you are buying fireworks for the family barbecue it's good to know what you're getting into. 

According to, here are some  types of Fireworks you will encounter In Bismarck -Mandan this Wednesday:

  • Beehive /Flying fish- these fireworks scurry into the sky like a school of fish would. They're very silvery and they pop on the end.
  • The Willow - these fireworks burn out like a willow flower does in quick cascades of smoke and particles.
  • The Army parachute - One of my favorites. this one shoots out loud, flares then release an army parachute of a little army guy on its way down. definitely fun for the kids. Here's the video
  • The Roman Candle- Here's something that's very fun and scary at the same time. Just light and watch them shoot out of the stand they are on.
  • Chrysanthemum- Always great to finish off with this flower like finish that starts small but lights up the sky in beautiful colors.  perfect for the grand finale.

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