Seriously, somebody get that lady in that black dress a sandwich!


September 14th through 17th, it's the Little Black Dress week, a fantastic annual fundraiser for the Missouri Slope Areawide United Way. The basic premise is that you and your coworkers, friends, or professional peers form teams. Members of these teams then gather pledges from people they know. That money goes to the United Way and it's programs. Here's the catch- these teams will wear the same black dress all week. Guys are participating this year, so I'm sure a professional black pant-shirt is also acceptable. Or a dress...we don't judge.

So, after wearing the little black dress for a week, it is then dry cleaned and donated to a clothes bank to make them available for area women on the rise who need professional attire for work, interviews, etc. But in talking with Judy Maslowski, a long time little black dress wearer, I learned there's a lot more to a "dress". There's accessories like jewelry, scarves, belts, and all that other stuff we guys know nothing about. But apparently a reliable black dress is a powerful thing.

This week-long skirt marathon always ended with a big bang party chock full of silent auction items and maybe a cocktail or two. Bring cash and lots of it! I really enjoy these kinds of fundraisers because you can bring whatever cash you want to donate and you get to walk away with a little something!  This year COVID but a run in their stockings, so the end of week celebration will be virtual. But, so is the silent auction! It goes live at 10AM and goes through Thursday. Bid and bid often.

Learn everything about how you can help the United Way in battling the barricades of poverty. Sound dramatic? Well it is.

All the Little Black Dress details are here.

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