Adjusting to life on a submarine can be tough for some, but one sailor on the newly-commissioned USS North Dakota will feel right at home.

Timothy Preabt, Mandan native and 22-year Navy veteran, will serve as chief of boat (COB) on the powerful new submarine.

The USS ND, an attack submarine with nuclear capabilities, will be one of the most advanced and "intelligent" vessels in the United States Navy.

So what will Preabt's duties include as COB? He explains:

I execute the plan of the day. XO and I work very closely to support the commanding officer and the officer deck. We work on keeping the watchbills up-to-date. And when there's problems, I help resolve them. The actual missionaries we can't talk about, but I can tell you it's enough to make me stay for the next 25 years.
That's saying a lot, since Preabt was on the verge of retirement when he decided to pursue the COB position instead.
Preabt says that serving on the USS ND is "something that my wife and I would be very proud of; she's also from North Dakota."

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