The only fun part of a conspiracy theory is that there needs to be someone (generally a government) conspiring to withhold vital information or conspiring to change public perception through deception.

A fair number of the world population is skeptical of government.  Me I'm skeptical of many many things including government. But, I'm not a conspiracy theorist AT ALL! Did we land on the moon? Of course we did. Has Area 51 been a test site for advanced technology? Sure, but I'm betting it's 100% free of any E.T.s looking to phone home.

Getty Images/Kseniia Lukianikova
Getty Images/Kseniia Lukianikova

So, when under the scrutiny of interested watchdogs and scientific groups the US Navy finally came around to declassifying three video clips of flight phenomenon and posting all three on the Naval Air System Commands website well you think people woulda gone nuts.

Sure there's plenty of reporting on it here and here and here- OK you get it.  But why isn't it all over the mainstream news? There's not a little break in the COVID conversations to throw a bone to the conspiracy crowd?

Problem is none of the videos look like this...

Ufo flying at night

They actually at their best look like a minnow swimming or a kite flying as you can see here. But it's unidentified, it's flying, and it's an object.


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