Seems like almost everyone I know watches and shares Netflix

Many times over I have heard in conversation either people at work or friends of mine saying that they subscribe to Netflix, which of course is not a crime, but to the HUGE streaming service, it is when personal accounts are being shared all over the place. As a matter of fact, I don't think I know one person out here in Bismarck and Minot who doesn't spread the love around with their family with just ONE account. Well, it was bound to happen, Netflix got wise to it, and claimed that they suffered a huge subscriber loss. They had warned us that they were going to do something about it, and soon that will take place.

So, might as well prepare yourself to pay a little more, or cut your ties with those you share your account with

According to "The company announced during its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday that it will charge customers an added monthly fee to people who share their login credentials beginning in early 2023"  What does that mean, well plain and simple "the jig is up" - You WILL be charged more money IF you share your account with, say your whole neighborhood. Who knows exactly how much money you might be spending a month? When I lived in Minot, my whole apartment building seemed to take advantage of Netflix, my friend offered me a chance to hop on, but I didn't have cable. I guess to sum this all up, looks like now it's time to "weed" out those that are mooching off your account.


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