North Dakota is conducive to road trips. But it's important to do it with the right people.

If you live in the BisMan area, you are probably no stranger to road trips to Fargo, Minot, Medora and of course South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and maybe even further.

We found a video on YouTube, posted above, and these people are driving along I-94 listening to some very interesting North Dakota related songs that I had no idea even existed.

And yet now I can't stop singing it. "N-O-R-T-H D-A-K-O-T-A...Here in North Dakota what's North of the border? Let me hear it from ya... CANADA! You betcha!"

Never take a road trip with these people.

The songs in the beginning of the video are from a local children's singer and songwriter named Kittyko. She's actually incredibly talented and was part of Dakota West Art Council's Summer Stage this summer.

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