It would appear that the non-mask wearers of the world are running out of road. I think most of us here in North Dakota figured that COVID-19 would come and visit for a couple of months and then like the rest of the country just kind of forget we're up here. A popular phrase in the state is "North Dakota socially isolating since 1889". So when COVID-19 didn't just pack it's bags and head for greener pastures, it's left us wondering what is it going to take to get this tourist to leave town? Part of that answer is wearing a face mask.

Menards in Bismarck now requires customers to wear one.  Starbucks nationwide is now requiring you wear a mask before entering their business.  When out shopping a month ago I would say maybe 10% of customers in the store would be wearing a mask.  Yesterday I was grocery shopping and I'd estimate the number of mask wearing shoppers is now closer to 80%.  With the push to get the kids back into school you can be darn skippy every student will need to wear one.   There are communities in the US that are now requiring their citizens to wear masks anytime they leave the house.

Well for us here in North Dakota it's still a question of choosing to wear a mask or choosing not to wear a mask.   Just like these SUPER HEROES do!


5 Super Heroes That Wear Masks/5 That Don't

Look at that, we made it through the entire article without either side of the mask debate getting super butt-hurt!

Very heroic.

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