This is our very own Dolly Dakota, she works for Townsquare Media here in Mandan

On a weekday afternoon, you can catch her friendly voice on Cool 98.7. The smile that you hear on the radio is a million times real. It's her way of letting Bismarck/Mandan know how much she loves making people happy, and she's good at it. Dolly has been a role model of strength and hope. Battling ovarian cancer since she was diagnosed back in April of 2018, you would never know it from her positive attitude, her face lights up when she talks about her pets and entertaining people on the radio, it's an amazing thing to see.

A trip to Fargo in early February had us all thinking about her

Dolly faced what is called the Hipec Procedure, over 10 hours of surgery at the Sanford hospital. On that 3rd of February, she went in scared and hopeful at the same time. We are talking about two re-sections of the intestines and colon in a battle to remove cancer. Dolly told me the doctors removed "an ice cream pail full of cancer", then sometime during the marathon procedure, "...they filled me with heated chemo, sloshed my body around for about 90 minutes" ( to hopefully get rid of any cancer cells )

Dolly now waits to hear back this week of the results

Her appetite is slowly coming back, she's gaining some weight back, and today she came back this afternoon after missing 6 weeks, from her radio family ( us and her listeners ) - her smile was from ear-to-ear. One of the amazing things about her is the courage she has embedded in others. While I was in her happy place, the Cool studio, she told me about a friend of hers that had texted her some bad news, she had just been diagnosed with cancer as well. Her friend is motivated by Dolly's strength and hope, as a matter we all are.

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