You probably have heard or have used the term "banker's hours" before...but let's refresh from Oxford Languages

short working hours (in reference to the typical opening hours of a bank in former times).

By "former times" the definition is harkening back to a time decades ago where banks used to open at 8 AM and close by 4 PM or 5 PM at the latest.  They say "former times" because banks had changed to meet the needs of their customers.  Earlier hours and later daily availability at least through their drive-ups.

Now more than ever before we should all envy working "bankers hours".

Because at least for Bismarck/Mandan Wells Fargo banking locations you'd have a pretty damn cushy job.  At least according to my experience on Friday.  I was home letting my puppies out over the lunch hour and lo and behold I received a check in the mail!

Not a credit card offer or an alma mater booster actual check!

Sweet! I've got time, I'm going to swing by the downtown Bismarck Wells Fargo drive-through only location and deposit my new found booty. REJECTED! Not one lane closed but the entire branch closed!  What the heck? So I drove back to work knowing I'd be in the neighborhood of the Mandan Wells Fargo branch later that afternoon. No problem, just roll up to the drive-through at 3 PM on a Friday afternoon...but wait, there's no cartridge in the tube.  So I figure, OK I'll just run into the lobby at 3 PM on a Friday and deposit this hot check. The door's locked.  The lobby's closed.  Banker by appointment only.

Maybe I misunderstood that nobody was working the drive-through 3 PM on a Friday

So I drove around again right by the teller window this time...closed nobody there. Frustrated, I drive away.  It was later brought to my attention that I could have drove back around the lot again and made the deposit through the ATM.  It was later, later, brought to my attention that I could take a picture of the check and deposit it through my online checking.

Neither are methods I'm secure in doing.

I give a bank representative my check to deposit and they do so in my presence, transaction complete. Now I realize when I was in downtown Bismarck I could have gone to the MAIN downtown branch, parked in the lot, wandered up to the building and hopped in line for a teller, and deposit my new found check.  Walk back out to my car and drive off.  Transaction complete. They're open weekdays 9-5.  But you know what?  Most banks offer drive-through convenience after noon.

Sure, I could have gone up to the north Bismarck Gateway location- they're open weekdays 9-5 both lobby and drive-through.  Of course, that was a long-ass ways away from where I was going.  I guess I could have tried the Mobridge, SD branch...but they close at 4 PM.

The check I was trying to deposit was actually sent from one of my Wells Fargo accounts.  IT WAS A WELLS FARGO CHECK!

Y'all got any bank issues you'd like to discuss?

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