Wednesday morning I sat down with Bismarck Larks General Manager to discuss the breaking news of Larks Opening Day! Here's part of our talk-

Scott: We have some fantastic news for you this morning, joining us in the studio is John Bollinger from the Bismarck Larks! John, the season is going to be getting underway.


John: We've got a scheduled opening date Scott of June 15th. We're excited! Again, there's so many people to thank that made this possible- obviously the Governor's announcement a couple Fridays ago about large gatherings. Y'know the ballpark's going to look a little different. Obviously we'll have reduced capacity. We have a lot of guidelines in place to ensure our the safety of our fans, our players, and our coaches...Even a different looking ballpark still means that baseball is on the schedule and I know a lot of people are excited about that. We're really looking forward to it.

John and I then discussed the team structure for the 2020 season. Travel and regional restrictions made a regular Northwoods League season nearly impossible- but the Larks rose to the challenge.

John: We are bringing 3 teams right here to North Dakota. They are going to play a 48 game schedule each against each other- 72 total dates...

According to John the 3 teams will be the Bismarck Bull Moose, the Bismarck Flicker Tails, and of course the Bismarck Larks. So even more mascots for family fun during the game! This year every team is a "home team"! John also told us the first after-game fireworks will take place June 19th.

Get all the details on the official Larks website.  See, good things can happen!


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