We all know the geographical center of North America is Rugby, North Dakota.

However, there's been some debate concerning this over the years.  In fact, according to Wikipedia, a new claim back in 2017 began circulating that Center, North Dakota is actually the geographical center of North America.  It's certainly appropriately named, right?  Center, North Dakota.

I'll let you argue over that one.  What I'm wondering is, what is the geographical center of the state of North Dakota?

According to an article on RoadsideAmerica, the geographical center of North Dakota is none other than McClusky, North Dakota.  Located on Highway 200 about 65 miles northeast of Bismarck.

A town I know very well, as it's where I've done a lot of duck and pheasant hunting near it over the years.  The city is all about catering to sportsmen and women.  Check out this sign in the Heart City Park.

McClusky, North Dakota Facebook Page
McClusky, North Dakota Facebook Page

McClusky, North Dakota is known as the "Heart of North Dakota" and it just so happens to be right smack dab in the center too.

Now, for argument's sake, a couple of towns could have a beef with this claim.  Looking at a map of the state of North Dakota that I display in my office, there are a couple of other towns that look close to me.

They include Goodrich and Hurdsfield, North Dakota.  Both look pretty close to "center" to my trained eye.  Let the debate begin.

In the meantime, McClusky, North Dakota is your geographical center of North Dakota, and it looks like the residents of this small town are embracing it.

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