All of us are endowed with the inalienable right to speak our mind, hold to our personal truths, and follow our own path. Unless of course, you're a major political party that just outlandishly slandered thousands of North Dakotans that they were elected to represent.

The ND GOP platform was just released.  Most political parties generally put out a playbook like this. It's a list of resolutions that reflect some of the core beliefs of a particular party. If you're a member of that party, you don't have to agree or even support every resolution represented. It's more like an umbrella of mostly shared thoughts.   The 2020 NDGOP policy platform is just 36 pages long, so a pretty quick read really.  Until you get to page 21 and have to reread this section over and over to make sure your processing it properly...

WHEREAS: Many LGBT practices are unhealthy and dangerous, sometimes endangering or shortening life and sometimes infecting society at large; now THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: The Republican Party of North Dakota opposes the passage of legislation which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to our Century code as protected classes.

I'm not here to argue about gender identification legislation, that topic has been hotly contested for decades.  I'm here to clap back at the notion that heterosexuals don't also transmit "the clap". I presume the "endangering", "shortening life", and "infecting" are all words used to dance around saying sexually transmitted diseases. Catch up on STDs by reading here.  See, lotsa practices are dangerous for EVERYONE.

A same sex couple in Minot were just named Family of the Year by the ND Air National Guard.  They are representing the best of the state. Our representatives should do more of the same.  KFYR TV is reporting that thankfully many from both parties are doing just that in "coming out" against the wording in the platform.

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