I was driving down down Interstate 94 west last weekend to go pheasant hunting, and noticed a new building going up near the Starion Sports complex.  It was a rather large complex, that looked like it could be an indoor stadium for something.  My curiosity got the best of me and decided to pull over and see what's going on?

Rick Rider

According to a story on KX News, Kupper Subaru is moving to a big new location next to the Starion Sports Complex.  Crews are going to be working through the winter to get the new business up and running in their new location.  Kupper Chevrolet will continue to stay at their normal location off of main, but will have more room to expand with the Subaru division moving to their new location.

Rick Rider

That's not the only thing that will be changing with Kupper Chevrolet and Kupper Subaru.  Starting January, the dealerships will be changing names to Kramer Chevrolet and Kramer Subaru.  Both dealerships are now owned by a Foundation Automotive Corporation, which is a Canadian company with Chuck Kramer as Chief Operating Officer.

According to the article, Terry Weszner will continue to be the Operating Manager, and run both locations as a Kramer Managing Partner.  The service and auto body departments are also being expanded to meet growing area needs.  Good to see expansion in the city of Mandan, and Kupper Subaru's new location is certainly a beautiful one next to the Starion Sports Complex.



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