We're not the land of 10,000 lakes but we sure do have our share of great lakes and rivers in North Dakota.

Cheapism.com made the list of the best lake in every state. The main focus was on fishing in terms of ranking these lakes.

The best lakes for neighboring states include-

  • Minnesota - Lake Calhoun
  • South Dakota - Sylvan Lake
  • Montana- Flat Head Lake
  • North Dakota -  Devils Lake

The largest natural body of water in North Dakota is a rough translation of its Lakota name, "Ble Waka Sica," or "Lake of the Spirits," and the Spirit Lake Tribe inhabits most of its southern shore. Like the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Devils Lake has high saline levels. Fishing and water sports are big here; it's been called the "Perch Capital of the World."

I thought for sure it would be Lake Sakakawea which is a beautiful body of water.

Do you agree with the list?

Ezra Shaw / Getty
Ezra Shaw / Getty

Here is the complete list.


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