I'll admit, Airbnb is not for everyone. I used the service quite often. Airbnb offers overnight accommodations in private homes. Sometimes you can rent a room in a private home or you can rent an entire place for yourself or family.

And it never fails when I share my experience at an Airbnb, I have some people tell me they could never stay in someone else's house. They don't like the idea of sleeping in a house while someone still lives in it. I get that! I have never had a bad experience at any Airbnb and I have used the system a lot and in different cities.

Then, you can book an AirBnB where you have the entire house to yourself. Recently, The Daily Meal.com published the most luxurious AirBnB cottage in every state.

It should come as no surprise the location of this luxury cottage in North Dakoka would be The Scenic Buckhorn Ranch in Medora. With the beautiful views of the Badlands and Theodore National Park located near, this area of the state is magical!

You'll end up paying big bucks for this cottage at $750 a night. You'll enjoy the spectacular views in an isolated area, rustic on the outside and modern on the inside and you'll have the whole place to yourself which includes a full kitchen and Wi-Fi. The cottage also features 2.5 baths and 4 bedrooms.

Seriously, $750 a night? There should be a chef to go with that full kitchen!

After researching the listing on Airbnb, I noticed the price was as low as $500 a night!

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