WalletHub has once gain given us something to talk about. They're a survey site that does seem to use a well-thought out array of metrics to come to reasonable conclusions.

Unless of course, they don't come to your Alma Mater's favorable conclusion.  Let me just say...Valley City, this is your time to shine!  You ain't number one, but what the hey Valley City University, you sure is number two! Let that soak in...Now, let's continue.

Who's #1?

Obviously the thundering herd yes?

European Bison Project Seeks A Return To The Wild
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I know...I use this picture a lot, but I love it so...NDSU is not number one.

How about dem Fighting Hawks?

North Dakota v Utah
Gene Sweeney Jr.



Go Marauders!

Pirate with treasure in briefcase

Yup, The REAL U of M.


OK, so it's listed in the survey as #104 in the Midwest.  Forget about Yale, Harvard, MIT...Mary's in the Northwestern University bracket which is actually pretty awesome company.  Actually, the University of Mary's Nursing Program scored number one in a ranking of nursing programs nationwide. So, that's one reason why. There's many more, take a glance here.

But let's discuss deeper, who lands in the North Dakota University standings in the Midwest Division according to WalletHub? Take a look a the whole survey here.

Well, it's Valley City University in at #118!  The "V" is number two!! That's only 14 spots below the REAL U of M and 64 spots ABOVE The University of North Dakota(182).  Minot State University(184), Mayville (198), Jamestown (218), University of South Dakota? (222), and NDSU at #230.

We'll be expecting a professional retort from Bison nation.  But, I think if one reads through the factors leading to the results. One can at least argue, the survey intelligently approaches the topic.

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