The Super Bowl around the corner which also means that the Puppy Bowl is around the corner!

The Puppy Bowl airs on Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday each year beginning at 2pm C.T. and then is shown on a loop throughout the rest of the day.

Rescue dogs from around the country are separated into two teams (Team Ruff and Team Fluff) and compete on a mini football field filled with dog toys.

Anytime a dog carries a toy over the goal line and into the endzone, it counts as a touchdown.

Last year it was easy to choose which dog to cheer on. There was a dog named Bizmark!

This year, it isn't so cut and dry. There are no rescue dogs from the state of North Dakota or Minnesota and no dogs with North Dakota-esque names.

However, there are several dogs from shelters in Pennsylvania. One of those dogs is Lila and she is representing Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, PA. The shelter is located just 3.5 miles from Lincoln Financial Field which is where the Eagles play.

So we figured if you are going to support Carson Wentz and the Eagles, it only makes sense to support the closest living dog in the Puppy Bowl!

Lila is a 15 week old Chihuahua/English Toy Spaniel mix.

Of course you can root for any of the dogs you want such as Kelly Barkson or Mr. Wigglesworth (yes those are actual dogs competing). You can see the full lineup at the Puppy Bowl website.

Good luck to Lila and all the other dogs competing in this year's Puppy Bowl! Kitt-ENSYNC will perform during this year's Puppy Bowl halftime show. Yup.

Puppy Bowl | Discovery Communication
Puppy Bowl | Discovery Communication

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