The pandemic has put a lot of people out of work.  Well, now Covid-19's helping get some of those jobs back!  I guess it's not such a "bad" virus after all.

That is sooo not true- the virus is the WORST!

But, there are some decent paying jobs that have been created to combat the spread.  Look no further than the North Dakota Department of Health's website and you'll find job openings that didn't even exist prior to the pesky pandemic. .

You could be a COVID Case Investigator Contact TracerWhy not? You get paid $20-$25 an hour to interview people. I'm not sure if the $25 an hour level is for those with prior experience or not. Who has prior experience?  I guess it's based on education. They're looking for folks with a Bachelor degree in some kinda health related field and one year professional related work experience.  So I reckon if you're a pandemic professional you're a lock for the job.


If you're a pandemic professional, might I suggest instead applying for COVID Deputy Incident Commander. MUCH cooler title and it pays $23-$26 an hour. Here we go again- for this position they are looking for two years of related experience. There appears to be a bunch of travel involved but perhaps more of that sweet overtime!


Why settle when you can start at the top? You my friend could become the COVID Lead Epidemiologist and Subject Matter Expert.  It's such a long title that it has to pay $25-$28 an hour. Not a very desirable position, part of your responsibilities will be working with and evaluating the school systems.  If you've read one bit of social media about school openings, you'll see there's a very non-courteous divide among "North Dakota Nice" parents.

Maybe a career change could make some folks a little less cranky.

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