My mother was a trailblazer for Women's Rights.  Primarily a woman's right to stay out of political conversations or really arguments of any kind. She didn't see the purpose of blowing small things out of proportion.

Unless, you called her a "girl".

She rightfully felt it was a demeaning term unbefitting a woman. Go ahead and call a man a "boy" and see how that works out for ya.  Now in a group, it doesn't seem as bad to say the boys are back in town or girls just want to have fun.  But that only works if it's a group of just men or a group of just women.  But what do you say to get the attention of a group of men and women?

That's easy, you just say "hey guys, listen up".

Now you just got my mother's attention again.  She wasn't much for wearing dresses, but she certainly wasn't a "guy".  So what gender-neutral word can y'all use while addressing a group of people?  It's a crusade that I've been at the forefront of for decades. I'd like you to consider a simple little contraction that will improve your love life and help you sleep better.

The answer is "y'all".

And the secret is- you don't have to be southern to say it!  I've been saying "y'all" for decades now and I feel I'm fluent enough to pull it off.  Full disclosure, my dad's from South Carolina so it's probably in my genes. The art of using the word "y'all" is to not add ANY southern inflection to it.  Treat "y'all" like any other word in your vocabulary. Don't get me wrong if you ever say something like "down yonder" it's bound to come out twangy.

Hey guys, just try it out as a tribute to my mom. Y'all might find out you like it.

For all your questions that I probably will choose not to answer- check out a GREAT article all about "you guys" by clicking here

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