I took a quick poll on this subject earlier today and judging by the results so far, MOST people can relate that Daylight Savings Time is a major pain in the "you know what!" The issue has been argued for what seems like forever, WHY can't we just stay the same all year round? After all, there are some States that leave their clocks alone - Arizona, and Hawaii. KFYR TV reported that lawmakers have introduced a bill that would exempt North Dakota from Daylight Saving Time. According to some official facts that very few people even know or care about, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Daylight Saving Time started in 1918.

Let's try and breakdown the pros and cons of this whole DST - The "Spring Forward" part usually happens in March or April, and one of the benefits is for us to make better use of natural daylight. The summer days seem to last forever, The working population produces last accidents coming home from work - easier to drive when there is still daylight left, right? Makes perfect sense. However, the biggest complaint is that you lose an hour of much-needed sleep.

The notion of turning our clocks back - "Fall Back" - is usually added depression because it happens around November, and winter is pretty much upon us. Rep. Matthew Ruby, R-Minot. brought up an excellent point on WHY there needs to be a change - He said anyone who has kids can relate to the time change burden - studies have shown that sleeping patterns are affected, not only with kids but adults. "Never say NEVER" to those who think we will never see an end to Daylight Savings Time here in North Dakota.





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