The coronavirus to me is quite simple, after hearing of all the casualties, the lay-offs, economy killer, I'm going to take it seriously. I am going to listen to the advice and do MY best to do MY part to try and curb this virus. This comes easy for me to say, since I'm still able to leave my apartment, and go to work, and have a somewhat normal day. I haven't had any direct confrontation with the pesky virus. I don't know anyone personally that has or HAD it, so again I've been sheltered.

I am naive about the pain and suffering corona has caused. I haven't watched a loved one slip away to their grave. I haven't had the "toss-turn-no sleep" nights caused by sudden unemployment. The future is now something we all hope life comes back to full strength, but that may never be. For more on the coronavirus and what we can somehow expect, click here.

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