What's the over/under on UND vs NDSU? Who ya got?

Nobody...and ya won't for a while...if ever.  At least if these guys get there way.

No betting on North Dakota college sports? Ugh..

Let's march forward 1-2-3-4!  Seriously, it's North Dakota House Bill 1234.

What does it all mean?


Bill Summary

A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new subdivision to subsection 2 of section 12-60-24 and 2 chapter 53-06.3 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to criminal history background 3 checks and the regulation of sports wagering; to provide for a legislative management study; to 4 provide a penalty; and to provide a contingent effective date.
12-60-24. Criminal history record checks. 1. a. Each applicant, employee, or petitioner for adoption or name change who is subject to a criminal history record check under subsection 2 shall consent to a statewide and nationwide criminal history record check for the purpose of determining suitability or fitness for a permit, license, registration, employment, or adoption. b. Each applicant, employee, registrant, or petitioner for adoption or name change subject to a criminal history record check shall provide to the requesting agency or entity written consent to conduct the check and to release or disclose the information in accordance with state and federal law, two sets of fingerprints from a law enforcement agency or other local agency authorized to take fingerprints, any other identifying information requested, and a statement indicating whether the applicant or employee has ever been convicted of a crime. c. The agency, official, or entity shall submit these fingerprints to the bureau of criminal investigation for nationwide criminal history record information that includes resubmission of the fingerprints by the bureau of criminal investigation to the federal bureau of investigation.
THAT IS FAR FROM IT...but you get the gist..  There is a lot to the subsection...check the whole deal here.
So let's discuss WHEN this could start happening.  Well, we'all might to sit and wait a bit.
Twenty-five states and Washington, DC, have already legalized sports betting. Twenty-two states, including North Dakota, are introducing bills pushing for its legalization.
How though would it impact Native American gambling casinos? HORRIBLY.... if you asked Collette
“Any further expansion of gaming in the state will definitely cause my tribe to close our entertainment destination, casino,” said Collette Brown, gaming director at the Spirit Lake Casino."
That may be a bit grandiose statement...but I can't say if a bunch of their objections don't come from a simple bet like- the Golden State Warriors versus Utah Jazz.
But, anytime you cut into the compulsive gambler pie- everybody hurts.
Which is true because dumb asses will be betting on a Warriors/Jazz game. Instead of rocking a Triple Diamond machine. It's real...even though it doesn't seem like a "real" deal. After casinos got rocked hard by the COVID, states seem to be ready to deliver a knock -out punch and say...
Maybe we'll just gamble at home OK?
The war is on...I wonder if casino's can survive it all?
E-tabs and blackjack tables in the bars...sports gambling on the mobiles and laptops?
Professionals think maybe it could all begin in 2024.
PS...I've got UND by 3.  Who wants some?

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