So, I saw where someone has posted on Facebook that they had just gone out to a place called Podoll-Stoll farms north of Bismarck and cut down their own tree!  Not only that, but this Jessica person also wrote there were baby goats they got to hold, and a hay ride that took them out to the field of trees...

 If you're looking to cut down your own tree, I highly recommend this place! They had baby goats we got to pet and hold. They take you to the trees on a hay ride wagon, have saws for you to use. You wander around, find your perfect tree and cut it down. They also send you with a goodie bag with cookies, cocoa and ornaments for the kids to decorate. They have trees of all sizes, we found a 10'-11' one and they have some even bigger. Our family had a great time!


Now, it's been 20 years since I got a "live" Christmas tree but I would have sworn it was $60 way back then and I didn't get to hold baby goats!  So, after reading Jessica's story,  I was half way out of town to go claim my fresh cut tree and maybe pet a goat or two, when I came to my senses.

I'm most never ever going to have a real Christmas tree again.  Used to be, that was the only tree I'd ever get.  I think I felt having a fire hazard of falling needles sprayed with  green dye made me a purist.

But what about the smell?  Well, ya got me there.  But, they make pine air fresheners that don't leave pointy needles hidden in my carpet just waiting to stab between my toes sometime in July.

But I reckon a tree felled by your own hand and fresh off the Podoll-Stoll Farms is probably going to hang on to it's needles long after my tree is back in the box and hidden in the basement.

If you want to set up an appointment to go "harvest" your own tree, you can call this number- 1-701-391-7759.

Happy holidays y'all!

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