On my way to Cool 98.7 on Friday morning, I drive to the station on I-94, which means I have to enter on the State Street on-ramp near where I live, and lo and behold some older driver entering the interstate in front of me got his speed up to a whopping 40 miles an hour. That IS one of my pet peeves---drivers that don't increase their speed on the on-ramp to the speed limit on the interstate. That and people who are in the left lane and NOT going the speed limit....MOVE TO THE RIGHT.....I did find these other pet peeves people have about annoying drivers on the road---do you agree????

According to Uncoached.com, here are some of the most annoying drivers on the road:
The Cell Phone Talker
The Tailgater
The Super Slow Driver
The Fast Reckless Guy
The In and Out of Lane Guy

Makes me wonder IF they have been reading the book I am featuring a picture of below: