It's tough to keep a marriage or long-term romantic relationship rolling. But, of course, it's not impossible.
All it takes is some work, attention and a bit of strategy.

Here are some tips to keep you and your partner happy over the long haul:

Pretend You Just Met -- Relationship experts suggest spending some time
each day acting as if you just started dating. You might think you know
everything about the person you're with, but a little small talk about subjects
that don't involve the daily grind keeps the connection growing.

Nurture Your Friends' Relationships -- Studies have shown that the
breakup of a close friend's marriage increases your odds of splitting by as
much as 75 percent.

Limit the Chick Flicks -- Romantic comedies can set up unreasonable
expectations, which may lead to unnecessary suffering. Sure, the movies
can be feel-good escapes, but they may also promote magical thinking about
relationships, which can be a problem.

Control the Boozing -- Researchers have found that young adults who
drink heavily are less likely to get married in the first place and may be at
greater risk for early separation if they do.