The Powerball jackpot for tonight's drawing is worth well over 400 million dollars.  Nobody won last nights Mega Millions lottery either, and that is also worth over 400 million dollars.  So, that got me thinking about 10 things I would buy in North Dakota, if I won that kind of money.  On second thought, WHEN I win that kind of money.  Let's be positive.

First off, yes I would probably keep working.  I had to think about that for awhile, but to be honest, when you love your job it's not really working right?  However, I would certainly spend more time on vacation enjoying life.

Like most guys, I love my toys.  If I were to score 400 million dollars, I would certainly upgrade my current toys, but there's 10 really BIG things I would right here in North Dakota as soon as possible!


So a lot of real estate, (which is always a good investment right) and some things to make life a lot easier for my family and friends.  I'm actually a pretty simple guy.  Now, before I win tonight, I should probably go buy a ticket right?  Something I seldom remember to do.  Good luck everybody.


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