Yes, you could say that Social Isolation is as easy as attending a town meeting for many of these petite populations. These 15 tenacious towns all have less than 20 residents and I’m willing to say they like it like that. (Especially Leith- but that’s a whole ‘nother story).

When I say “tenacious” these teeny towns-

1) Produced one of the first female Olympic Gold Medal winners.

2) Continue to battle a Devil of a lake that has taken most of their town away.

3) Some manage to still maintain a bar- which could still pass the rule of “No gatherings of more than 10 people”.

For those looking for privacy, small town living's probably not for you. Everyone not only knows your name- they know the color of your toothbrush. But many feel comfort in that kind of community. For me, not being able to just run to the store would kind of drive me nuts.

It's with great North Dakota pride I shine a light on these "Isolationists".  Let’s meet these prairie pioneers who have staked their claim where apparently very few would follow. To take a peek click here- and God bless the dirt road.  Also wash your hands! I don't care where ya live.



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