A GoFundMe was started for an 18-year-old, named Steven Ramos-Carballo. His friends say he went missing just this past weekend, on Friday May 13th. Tragically, he was discovered to have passed away. His body was found the following Saturday; I'm told Ramos was found at a "shop" -- a local hangout for young kids/teens in the area.
At the time of his death, Steven was a student at Bismarck High School; he was only 18 years old. You might have even seen him from time to time, as he was working at the State Street Dairy Queen.
Cheyenne Jeannette
Cheyenne Jeannette
The Investigation:
The Bismarck Police Department released the following statement today (Friday, May 20th):
His Family
I'm told Steven's parents were vacationing in Puerto Rico during the time this occurred. People close to the family say they have had a difficult time sharing their son's story because they are not very fluent in English. Some of his friends and other community members have stepped in to help bring the story to light.
I reached out to one of the people who organized Steven's GoFundMe page:
"His parents were on vacation in PR and we’re supposed to be back that Saturday and had the tragic news. I spoke to them to create the GoFundMe account with there permission, they are also collecting donations. There’s a lot of expenses to cover including the autopsy. Honestly at this point it’s still unbelievable," said Cheyenne Jeannette.
Justice For Steven Ramos
A woman posted in the Bismarck's People Reporting News Facebook group that she believes the kids that go to the high school Ramos attended are sharing stories amongst themselves on what they believe happened. She says parents need to talk to their kids, so authorities and Steven's family can find out what happened.
Cheyenne Jeanette
Cheyenne Jeanette
About Steven
For those who don't know, Steven was described by his friends as a sweet boy who loved to compose music. He recently bought his own trailer home and car, and was even recently promoted to Assistant Manager at his job.
Cheyenne Jeanette was one of Steven's friends, she says they met a couple years ago.
"He was such an amazing guy so hilarious had a smile that could touch the world loved making his own music loved to dance around he did not deserve this," said Cheyenne Jeanette.
Right now, people who were close to Steven are trying to raise money to help his family pay for funeral arrangements and an autopsy. They say every little bit helps. The goal is currently set at $10,000 dollars.

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