The two words that never fail to bring out unbelievable awful memories and that simply strike fear in all of us.

No matter how many school shootings occur, the headlines are always shocking -"School Shooting". The real scary part is that some people have almost become desensitized to them. I heard not long ago someone say "Well there was a school shooting, ONLY 3 people died". My point is that there have been so many senseless shootings and innocent lives lost at schools all around the country.

Today in Richfield, Minnesota two students were shot, one lost their life

Once again another school shooting, this time in a town of around 36,000 people, Richfield, Minnesota. According to "The shooting occurred just after noon on Tuesday at the South Education Center, the chief said, and when officers arrived they found two students who had been shot on a sidewalk outside of the school" Just another small town in the United States, same scenario. A troubled individual ( in this case there are two suspects ) gets their hands on a gun and goes on a personal rampage. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was briefed on the situation reported.

As of this time, there were no warning signs of any trouble at the school

The one part that's been made obvious from all of the shootings in the past is that teachers and faculty are more aware of what to do in case a shooting does take place. Unfortunately, they had to deal with a real-life situation and added that the school Superintendent Sandra Lewandowski had this to say "There are no words to describe the bravery exhibited by our staff at SEC and local authorities today,"  Suspects are still at large, and the FBI are on the scene.


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