The 4th Annual Dakota Garden Expo’s seminar and demonstration schedule has been set for April 15th and 16th.

Plan your schedule for the two-day event by taking a look at the seminars and demonstrations being offered at the largest gardening expo in North Dakota!

Friday, April 15

5 - 5:45 PM

  • Container and Raised Bed Gardening: Alicia Harstad, Agriculture Agent, NDSU
  • How to Grow Tomatoes in ND: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

6 - 6:45 PM

  • Caring For Your Garden Soil: Chris Augustin, Soils Specialist, NDSU
  • Promising Trees for Bismarck/Mandan: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

7 - 7:45 PM

  • How to Plant and Pamper Your Roses: Marcy Pfliiger, Landscapes, Plant Perfect

5 PM - DIY Rain Barrels: Ashley Stegeman, Agric. Agent, NDSU

6 PM - Fairy Gardening: Kelsey Sheldon, Horticulturist, NDSU

7 PM - Grow A Giant Pumpkin: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

Saturday, April 16

9:30 - 10:15 AM

  • Perennial Garden Design: Kathleen Wiese, Instructor, Bismarck State College
  • Fun Gardening Projects to Do With Kids: Amelia Doll, 4-H Youth Devel. Agent, NDSU
  • Common Tree Problems: Kelsey Sheldon, Horticulturist, NDSU
  • How to Grow a Great Vegetable Garden: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

10:30 - 11:15 AM

  • Tough Trees for Urban Landscapes: Greg Morgenson, Woody Plants, NDSU
  • Composting: Mary Berg, Livestock Envir. Mgmt., NDSU
  • Value of Our Lawn/Landscape: Ashley Stegeman, Agric. Agent, NDSU

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

  • Pollinator Gardens: Esther McGinnis, Horticulturist, NDSU
  • Growing Blackberries in North Dakota: H. Hatterman-Valenti, Value Crops, NDSU
  • How to Do a Soil Test and Understand the Results: Alan Zuk, Turfgrass Specialist, NDSU

12:30 PM

  • How to Prune an Apple Tree: Sheldon Gerhardt, Agric. Agent, NDSU

1:30 PM

  • Smart, Affordable Lawn Care Options: Tom Kalb, Horticulture, NDSU

11:30 AM - Grow A Bouquet of Glads: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

12:00 PM - Starting Seeds Indoors: Tom Kalb, Horticulturist, NDSU

This schedule was updated on Wednesday, April 13th. It is subject to changes. Updated schedules will be posted here.

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