If you live in North Dakota right now, you might be confused by this bipolar weather we have been having. Yesterday was 3 degrees and tomorrow is 40. What is going on?!

I really shouldn't be complaining because we could have a long streak of negative 20 degree weather headed our way (knock on wood). Overall, we've been pretty fortunate with our 2017-2018 winter. Especially after that giant snow storm we had over Christmas in 2016.

That being said, North Dakota has been having a lot of confusing weather changes lately. Take a look at the forecast on my phone for instance:

Weather Use

So you're telling me it's 30 degrees today, 43 degrees tomorrow, then back down to 13 degrees with SNOW on Thursday? Oh, and 6 degrees by Monday with a low of negative 7. Here are a few tips to get you through the next couple of weeks:

  • 1

    Have both winter and spring gear on hand

    Today I'm wearing a denim jacket and some mittens because it's 22 degrees! Unfortunately, I can't let my winter coat get too far. There's 6 degree weather to look forward to next week, remember? Plus it's still going to get pretty cold once the sun goes down.

  • 2

    NEVER get a car wash

    Seriously, what is the point? Most of time it's too cold. When the temperature does warm up enough, how long does your car stay clean? The roads are full of slush and dirt and it will all freeze to your car by tomorrow.

  • 3


    This is what I struggle with the most (clearly). Cold weather can be depressing. Especially when North Dakota decides to tease you with a random 41 degree day.

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