Well by now, the shock of having to "STAY AT HOME" has faded a bit, and the boredom has surely kicked in. What to do now? You've probably exhausted your whole library of movies, watched everything Netflix has to offer. The marathon games of monopoly are no longer fun. The challenge of not throwing a family member out the window is getting old. The thoughts of romance, nervous butterflies in your stomach while at the movies with someone new. All you have are memories ( you've no doubt quickly forgot about the hellacious first date horrors ) . When it comes to the affairs of the heart, there is a 23 year old Bismarck man that won't be stopped by the coronavirus.

Matthew Wurnig is using his creativity to meet women. Virtual dating. Virtual making sure your hair looks fine-virtual walking her to the door-maybe a virtual peck on the cheek? His goals are high, but awesome! He has decided he’d like to get 50 dates in all 50 states. I salute this young man for his courage :)   Check out his battle plans here.


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