As reported by yours truly back on July 11th of this year, a new "outdoor themed" retail store was looking at setting up shop here in Bismarck.  The rumors had been going on for a while, and where there is smoke, there is usually fire. A credible source I know who was a part of city planning clued me in on the story.

This company currently has one of these stores in the state already located in Fargo, North Dakota.  According to Wikipedia, this company is based in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Brainerd, Minnesota.  They sell a range of goods including hunting and fishing gear, firearms, clothes, children's toys, farming and ranching supplies, auto parts, and more.  This company was founded in 1955 by Stewart Mills Sr. and has stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota.

The retail store that will be coming to Bismarck is none other than Mills Fleet Farm.  When I mentioned the possibility of this store coming to Bismarck to people I know, I sure received a lot of favorable responses.

According to an article on KFYR TV, the new proposed retail store will break ground next year and will be set to open in the spring of 2024.  The location will be off Highway 83 north on the west side somewhere near the intersection of 64th.  The Bismarck City Commission will hold a public hearing tonight to get approval for rezoning the land.  New stoplights may be installed at the intersection to help handle the traffic.

Mills Fleet Farm in Hermantown, MN - Duluth Area
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

In my opinion, just about any retail store that is all about the outdoors is going to do well in this city.  Just look how packed Scheels and Runnings are most days.  Add the farming and ranch aspect to the mix and I think you got a winner for the Bismarck Mandan communities.

All we need now is a Cabela's.  Who's with me?

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