Before we curse COVID for another slap in the face, we praise the couple that opened the place.

Friday, August 31st, VIDEO MAGIC in Minot will close it's doors and rent no more.  It's the end of an era that ended an era ago. It's a testament to owner/operators Rick and Jan Bonebrake, their family, and everyone that stood behind the counter while I rented  Barney videos in bulk.

Dream Halloween - Arrivals
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My apologies to my daughter, but when a toddler, this is probably how she felt when she was wearing her princess dress.  I wasn't renting those VHS tapes for myself y'all.

But there was a film I had seen years before, but couldn't find anywhere.

Burt Lancaster
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Before there was Amazon or even much internet really, there was the Bonebrake's finding a VHS copy of "The Swimmer" starring the amazing Burt Lancaster playing a man in a downward spiral, swimming across backyard pools in California. I saw it in my teens when home sick from school.  A decade later, my wife at the time, had them find it for me.

No big deal right? Well, you're right it wasn't a big deal.

Rick, Jane, and the gang did that kinda stuff for 38 years.  No big deal for them.

I don't personally know the Bonebrakes, but talk to anybody, they'll tell you how the  personal passion from the staff fueled Video Magic's nearly four decade run. You would think "socially distancing at home" would be a boon for a movie business..  But with no "new release" movies, there's no new foot traffic and alas the loss of Video Magic.

Netflix wasn't enough, but COVID was.

Rick and Jane, well done y'all!

Everyone else- hit the comment section hard. They deserve it.

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