North Dakota's Health Department is paying $2,000 to the first 100 applicants willing to take a free 8-hour online course.  Two grand for eight hours of online training?  That's $250 an hour!  AP News just published the story...

You'll get paid $2,000 to become a Temporary Nurse Aide.

That's a seriously solid offer to combat a serious shortage of employees at long-term care facilities across the state. So here's the downside- you'll be working at a nursing home or similar facility. Let me join the chorus in singing praise to you wonderful people that are currently working at assisted living centers across the state.  I'm sure you grumble every time you hear lip service that simply applauds your efforts while not actually improving your work conditions.  Employee burnout at long-term care facilities has been growing steadily.  This is from an October 2021 report from KFYR-TV

“Going on 21 months in the pandemic, it has been horrendous for residents, for families, for staff, for facilities. And it’s just continuing, and people are emotionally getting burnt out and tired, and we need to give our staff a break,” said Shelly Peterson, president of the North Dakota Long Term Care Association.

Maybe you are already a nursing aide that burned out a while ago, This might bring you back. If you haven't worked in a long-term care facility for at least six months you're also eligible for the two thousand dollars if you return to work at a facility.

Current nursing aides may also be eligible for the $2,000 bonus

The program is limited to the approval of 100 applicants and the offer is only good through May 30th. That's North Dakota coming up with $200,000 to get more staffing so clearly, the need is real indeed.

Here's the link to apply or learn more about the ACHA Temporary Nurse Aide program.  Might just be your ticket to two grand.  Remember space is limited so claim your cash as quickly as you can.

DISCLAIMER: Nobody is actually going to give you cash and then you don't show up for work. Your two grand will come in two payments over your first six months on the job. But you'll earn it by taking the online training.  Thanks to "The Nightfly" all the dirty details are found right here.

REVISION: Original Headline stated "$350.00" an hour. When in fact an 8-hour online training course earning you $2,000 would in fact be $250.00 an hour so that's what my Sociology degree taught me. Also, I swear I did the math on a calculator! Showing also what my Philosophy concentration taught me. Apologies, darn math anyway.

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