It seems every time you turn around Xcel Energy is proposing some kind of rate hike.

Actually, the facts tell a little different story.  Yes, Xcel Energy did get approval for a 3.4% increase in their electric rate back in August 2021, but that was way lower than the 10.8% hike the utility was seeking.  Yes, In October, the North Dakota Public Service Commission did grant Xcel Energy an interim increase in its natural gas delivery rate. But to Xcel's credit, the delivery sector has not seen a rate increase since 2006.

North Dakotans have a chance to voice their opinions on Wednesday, February 2nd.

This from a PSC press release put on Wednesday morning..

The North Dakota Public Service Commission (PSC) will hold two public input sessions on Feb. 2, which will allow participants to view and provide comments from the comfort of their own home. The sessions will be an opportunity for Xcel natural gas customers to provide comments regarding a request for an increase to their natural gas rates.

 During the sessions, officials from Xcel will provide a presentation regarding their proposal and then public comments will be taken.  The proposed increase would result in an annual increase in its North Dakota gas service revenue of $7.1 million or 10.5 percent.

Just to be clear, this doesn't have anything to do with the actual cost of natural gas, this is a rate increase for its gas service revenue. Xcel doesn't control the rates for the natural gas itself, but this proposed service rate increase does come at a sensitive time for North Dakota natural gas consumers that have seen those gas prices triple in just the last year.

North Dakota PAYS ALOT for natural gas.  We have the 6th highest rate in the nation.

According to the good folks at, in dollars/thousand cubic feet, North Dakota pays 27.34 compared to say 19.95 in South Dakota, 14.93 in Minnesota, and 12.45 in Montana.  Gasbags in Idaho are actually paying just 8.58.  Speaking of gasbags, we'd love to hear knowledgeable folks break that discrepancy down for us in the comments.  If you didn't already take a peek here's another chance to glance at the numbers at Choose Energy.

Minnesota is facing a 20% hike. But we all know the loons were asking for it anyways.

It's not gas going up in Minnesota but Xcel Energy's electric rate.  The rate hike would generate about $677 million over the three years with a big portion directed to building out transmission lines to connect to renewable power sources.  Of course, the simple explanation is that Minnesota snubbed our coal-fired energy and now has to pony up until we get North Dakota's biggest wind farm built by Coal Creek and start once again selling them more made in Nodak energy.

Back to the ND Public Service Commissions February 2nd virtual public input sessions for the proposed Xcel gas rate increase.  Just click here for details on how to participate.

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