North Dakotans take advantage of Federal heating assistance dollars- still plenty of winter remaining

Always good to see people utilizing resources when they're available. Thanks to the open up the checkbook approach of the Biden administration, federal funds are not only flowing but are being focused on reaching low-income households in cold-weather states.  An additional $4.5 billion is being distributed nationwide for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

North Dakota sets record for federal government heat assistance.

The North Dakota Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible individuals and families with heating and insulation related costs in the winter, and cooling costs in the summer. Last year about 13,800 low-income households in North Dakota participated in the state program, and individual tribal LIHEAP programs served tribal members living on reservations in the state.

The jump is certainly tied into last year's nearly $2 trillion American Rescue Plan.  This year the plan added an additional $27.1 million to North Dakota's annual appropriation of $19.3 million.  So that's a record $46.4 million from the federal government to assist LIHEAP programs. If this funding truly goes into not just heating/cooling costs but insulation projects that can pay dividends for years reducing payments year-round.

The program seems to run better than the poorly launched Emergency Rental Assitance programs that found the state eventually returning $150 million to the federal government.  Even though that money was returned there are still rental funds available. For more information or to apply click here

To apply for Low Income Heating Assistance click this link

Stay warm y'all

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