Anxiety is a Scammer’s Best Friend.

One of the catch phrases in the age of Covid 19 is “An Abundance of Caution”. It was originally applied at the onset of this outbreak to justify the cancellation of gatherings and events. But, before we put “Abundance of Caution” in the box of over-used clichés, I suggest we apply it now to the alarmingly increasing threat of scammers.

I feel somewhat invulnerable to scammers as I am skeptical to my core. Seriously, in order to “pull the wool over my eyes” you’d have to drop a sheep on my head. But the kryptonite to this invulnerability could very well be anxiety- and these days, anxiety levels for us all are very high indeed.

Scammers feed on anxiety and discord. Often through their regular tricks: robo calls, phishing e-mails, trolling social media, and the like. We’ve been educated to these scams and feel the only people susceptible are the elderly who are at home and on a land-line. But, anxiety is a powerful equalizer. It’s the reason you have 64 rolls of toilet paper in your closet. It’s time we all exercised a “Monumental Abundance of Caution” when scammers are offering Covid 19 test kits, Corona cures, and account number verification. (Hey, your $1,200 check better be going to the right place!)

It’s anxiety in action and we have an ample amount to go around. Check these interesting and informative links to the FCC, FTC, and CDC. You’ll can listen to actual robo calls, see examples of covert social media scams, and much more. It can set your mind at ease and should be shared* with the people you love.

*Hopefully the part about “sharing” triggered your “Monumental Abundance of Caution”…that means we’re getting somewhere. And the CDC website is a great place to start.



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