"Woke" and "Cancel"...are we tired of these words yet?

I sure am. Here's what I'm reading a lot from all sides...

Either you're with me or against me. Either you agree with me or you are trying to cancel me.  Either you have awoken to see the inadequacies of your arguments, or you are forever cursed to live in the shadows of your own ignorance.

Let's all try to be more inclusive than all that.

I try.  But sometimes I feel lines are being crossed and feel the need to push back a bit, not because I'm trying to undermine someone's position to make an opinion...but in this case, is it not inherent to their position to internalize such an opinion?

This comes from an email obtained by Inforum.com from Starkweather Public School District Superintendent Larry Volk’s email to ND Educational Council of Educational Leaders...(Volk is also The Principal and Athletic Director)

“time to move away from godless corrupt woke, left-wing ideology and back to the devout Christ centered Republic the founders envisioned.”

Implying that any registered Democrats parents in his school district are in fact "godless"? He said "left-wing" not Democrat yes?  Well, there's more...

"Racial injustice has been pushed by a political ideology — not a race of people. There is no systemic racism in America created by our Founding Fathers — the racism is the project of the godless Democrat party that has rejected god, family, faith and America and embraced secularism in the form of Marxism," Volk said in another portion of the email.

This is no doubt a heated response to the idea of Critical Race Theory.  That's the Britanica.com definition. But can we get one thing straight?  Earlier this month KX News reported how the North Dakota Legislature passed a bill outlawing the teaching of "critical race theory".  A theory, that no North Dakota educators have been associated with teaching to this day.

This is a personal rant on my part because in my teens I envisioned myself as a high school teacher in the making.

But that was before CNN, before the internet, before alternate information sources were available to all...there were assigned school books and there was the library and encyclopedias.  I wasn't that interested in fighting for the truth. To make up for my cowardice, I do try to support those that do work to educate.

Educators should have some room to educate.

I don't care what party is in power, kids should have information provided to them and history should speak and be heard.  Not through translators, but through teachers. Regardless of the political affiliations and idealogy of bureaucrats.

Maybe there are "Marxists" in the Starkweather County academic community, but I sorta doubt it.  It's not always political.  Hopefully, it's educational.  Unless of course, the government deems it unteachable.

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