Here's a way to pick up two prizes that can be useful. 

The Amazon Alexa is something that is very helpful and useful around the house, so we think you would be happy to win one for free.  Starting Monday you get that chance.

  • Each weekday listen in the 2 pm hour.
  • When you hear the cue to call,
  • Call 663-9898 to find out if you win an Amazon Alexa echo or a bag of apples.

Yes Apples, it's important for us to make sure you are eating healthy even if you don't win an Alexa.

Some apples that are very popular in North Dakota include

1. Goodland. A strong performance in 2013 brought Goodland to the top of the charts over our previous favorites Chestnut and Zestar. Goodland is a great workhorse for northern climates.  It forms a shapely, healthy tree. The apples are good-sized, light-colored, crisp, and mild in flavor. For us they keep in the fridge until the end of November.

2. Chestnut.
A long-time Bergeson favorite. With fruit under 2” across, Chestnut is technically a crabapple, but we just call it an apple to avoid confusing people who think crabapples are sour. Chestnut is one of the sweetest apples around, with a distinctive nutty flavor element. The apples ripen in early September and stay crisp on the tree until freeze-up. Lovely white blossoms on a very cold-hardy tree.


3. Zestar!. Zestar’s garden performance makes it a better choice for our area than its famous but finicky cousin Honeycrisp.  On a good year it can have some of the biggest apples we’ve seen. It’s high-acid, high-sugar fruit are intense in flavor, indeed zesty. Zestar’s fruit is plenty crisp, and it’s a better keeper than most early-ripening apples, but it still only keeps for about a month in the fridge before getting soft. Our tree is healthy after 15+ years.

Apples or Alexa only from Cool 98.7 


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