This is a really good tribute band. 

If you are really into Pink Floyd, one of their biggest tribute bands is a group called the Australian Pink Floyd.  These guys have been around since 1992 continuously honing the sound to pay tribute to the original.

Their first sets began with family and friends then they branched out to local clubs in Australia. The original name of the band was "Think Floyd", but after they were invited to a Pink Floyd Convention at Wembley Stadium in 1993, they're named had evolved to Australian Pink Floyd.

That gig was successful and they started getting booked more frequently outside of Australia and all over Europe.

When you are this good at being a tribute band, these things happen  according to their website: 

During 1994 the band's audience continued to grow, not just in the UK but also in Europe. Then, in September of that year, came a show which changed everything.  David Gilmour visited the band backstage after a show in Croydon, pointing out that he’d never had the chance to see Pink Floyd perform. He was very complimentary, posed for pictures and invited the band to perform at Pink Floyd’s party to mark the end of their “Division Bell” tour.  Due to curfew restraints at the venue, this plan fell through but, when the phone rang not long after, the band found themselves asked to perform a handpicked set at an event marking Gilmour’s 50th birthday.

True story! Can't wait till they come to Newtown this weekend. And of course, listen to the Fox all week to text for tickets  (701) 343-9406.

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