This is a bizarre situation coming out of Devils Lake. A North Dakota trooper was refused service at Taco Bell/ KFC on Highway 2 in Devils Lake over the weekend.

According to Inforum, the officer was on a break and ordered food at the restaurant when the employee behind the counter refuse to take the officer's order saying the officer was there only to harass him. The employee also said the officer had arrested him in the past.

It is not clear if the trooper has indeed arrested the man previously, but the Highway Patrol does report the trooper just moved into the Devils Lake region from another region in the state.

This gets more bizarre, while the manager and the officer were talking, the employee who refused to take the officers order, then called 911 and said the trooper was harassing them in the store but said to 911 not to send any additional cops to the restaurant because those cops would also harass them.

What we do know is the manager gave the officer his food. what we don't know is what type if any screening process or background check Taco Bell/ KFC performs on new employees.

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