As the officials do every year, South Dakota's speed limit is going to drop as motorcyclists start to make their way to the state for the rally.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation is dropping speed limits around Sturgis before the motorcycle festival begins, and these limits will remain in effect throughout the entire Sturgis rally.

The speed limit on Interstate 90 from Exit 55 in Rapid City to Exit 30 in Sturgis will be 65 mph and this begins Thursday, August 2nd.

Other speed limited changes will include-

• Highway 34, from 45 mph to 35 mph from Blanche Street in Sturgis east 3.8 miles, going to the Buffalo Chip Campgrounds.

• Highway 79 speed limit will be reduced from 65 mph to 45 mph from the junction of Highway 34 north 1.75 miles near the Iron Horse.

You'll notice many South Dakota State Troopers in and around Sturgis, especially on the interstate between Rapid City and Sturgis. They are consistently shooting speed radar and looking for dangerous drivers.

You may be surprised to know, from my experience at rally, the police are looking for drivers in cars who are following too close, speeding or distracted drivers. Many of the accidents seem to occur when drivers of automobiles are distracted or trying to weave through the motorcyclist.

If you're riding a motorcycle and acting the fool, speeding excessively or driving aggressively on your motorcycle, you can expect to spend time with a South Dakota trooper.

You will definitely notice a show of force during the 10 days of rally.

The temporary speed limits will be in effect until Sunday, Aug. 12.


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