This Samuel Adams beer is illegal in states across the nation. And it's not because it's "pumpkin spice"!  Ugh...I do grow tired of all the pumpkin spiced items available this time of year.  Walmart is even selling "pumpkin spice face masks".  I kid you not- click here to see for yourself.

Now back to that illegal Sam Adams beer.

Why would West Virginia, Vermont, Utah, South Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, North Carolina, mississippi, Missouri, Idaho, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, and even Montana ban a beer?

Montana thinks it's just too darn potent.

Just when you thought 3.2 beer was a thing of the past, these states have decided to wuss out when it comes to the ABV or "alcohol by volume" of the latest version of Sam Adams' Utopia beer.  The brewer comes out with a new version of their Utopia beer every two years.  This version just happens to pack 28% ABV!! 

Montana might have a point after all...that is around five times stronger than your average beer.

It's not only stronger, it's also a heckuva lot more expensive. Pull up a bar stool because you'll want to be sitting down when you read this...the suggested retail price is $240 for a 25.4 ounce bottle!!

Why so expensive?

Well, they only brew somewhere in the neighborhood of 13,000 bottle every two years.  It's a barrel-aging process that involves 2,000 pounds of cherries per batch with some batches aging for up to 24 years.  So even at the unbelievable price tag, Samuel Adams' Utopia bottles will disappearing quickly.

I didn't see any specifics in the North Dakota Century Codes as to limits on beer potency, but I did see that it is illegal to possess alcohol "powder"

5-01-22. Powdered alcohol products prohibited - Penalty - Exceptions. 1. As used in this section, "powdered alcohol product" means any alcohol prepared or sold in a powder form for either direct use or reconstitution in a liquid beverage or food. 2. A person may not sell, offer to sell, purchase, offer to purchase, possess, or consume a powdered alcohol product. 3. A violation of this section is a class B misdemeanor

Interesting concept...but I'm sure most folks I know will be sticking with their Busch Light pounders.

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