I came across an article recently on "the most popular trashy beers in America." 

I instantly had the brand in mind for North Dakota.  Hands down, no debate.  I was rather shocked when I got down to North Dakota, and found out the brand I was thinking wasn't number one.  I was amazed to be honest.

According to workshopedia, Budweiser is North Dakota's most popular trashy beer? 

Nothing against Bud, but I just don't see that.  I've been to enough garage hockey parent parties over the years to see the beer everybody is drinking.  Workshopedia's methodology was based on online beer searches in each state.  They used Google trends and 36 popular beers over the course of the last year.  What's interesting, the beer that I think is number one in North Dakota wasn't even on their list?  Yep, I'm throwing the BS flag on this one.

The majority of people I see drinking beer, are drinking Busch Light.

Am I wrong?  It's not even close.  Busch Light pounders rule supreme in Bismarck Mandan, and the entire state of North Dakota for that mater.

So, that got me thinking.  How about I do my own informal survey of the most popular trashy beers in North Dakota.  Let's see if my Busch Light theory is correct or maybe it's a different beer altogether?  I know my favorite beer is Coors Light, but I'm not a snob when it comes to beer.  I'll drink just about any form of fermented hops.

Let's see what you really think?  Tell me what's your favorite brew!  VOTE NOW!





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