It seems to be on track to potentially happen in 2022.

Alcohol is no longer taboo in college sports. With the lone exception of the North Dakota State Bison football program, every other team in the Missouri Valley Football Conference allows some form of on-site alcohol sales during games.

It could be beer, wine, and even liquor sales.

Rob Sobolik is the Fargodomes general manager and told this to Inforum

“Our license allows us to sell any type of alcohol,” he said. “As a general rule, we don’t offer spirits on the concourse. You get into definitions you don’t have the full answer for. There are a lot of different drinks out there.”

The next meeting of the seven-member Fargo Dome Authority is July 26. One of the major negotiation points will be concession percentage- but I'm sure they'll get that hammered out pretty quickly.

Speaking of getting quickly hammered...

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Rich people and boosters get better booze and more of it.

South Dakota has kinda had booze sales already but has been limited serving to box, club, and suite levels. That's just sad. Joe Sixpack denied his beer while the Havealots sip their wine. South Dakota's Board of Regents recently unanimously passed policy expansions that will open SDSU and USD to sales in general admission areas.

Will NDSU go full open bar to everyone?

Tailgating has been allowed since 2004. Start chugging five hours in the west parking lot before the game and then no more booze for you. What was happening?  People partied in the parking lot and went home to watch the game. Are those folks that are leaving just potential general admission fans or are they, potential season-ticket fans?  Y'know, if paying more could get you booze during the game.  I bet NDSU may try to limit alcohol availability the first few years in an attempt to increase season ticket sales. Then like South Dakota, they would come around and start serving all fans.

The Fargodome would not be the first NDSU venue to sell alcohol

The dome would be the second venue in which NDSU will allow alcohol at games. It began beer and wine sales for men’s and women’s basketball games and wrestling duals at Scheels Center at Sanford Health Athletic Complex beginning in 2019 in limited sections. That was expanded to more sections last season.

Wrestling duals? Well, it sounds like the beer is already flowing in the parking lot- might as well move it inside and make some money.

Y'all designate your drivers!

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